Thursday, February 12, 2009

An Interesting Book

By sheer chance I came upon a book titled "The Zurich Axioms" by Max Gunthur. What is it on? Investment (the author would prefer the term 'speculation'), risk management, how to get rich, making money in the stock market - call it whatever you wish. The author Gunthur propounds some radical, controversial, occasionally (apparently) contradictory hypothesis on speculation and risk management.
You don't have to agree with all the 'axioms' in the book. But it is worth a good read, without doubt. When read in the context of the global financial crisis, and the loss of value of invested assets (stock or mutual funds), some of the comments hit home - and HARD.
I only wish I had come across the book earlier. Could have saved me some heartaches, and some money!
Go search the internet. The book is out there.

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