Monday, September 28, 2009

Duranto Express

One more train connecting Calcutta (oops, Kolkata) and Bombay (ahem, Mumbai). It begins its journey from today (28 September, 2009). The unique feature about this train is that it would offer a direct, non-stop service between the two metro cities. No entraining or de-training in between. Time of travel: approx. 26 hours (shaving off more than 7 hours). The schedule has also been well planned.

It would cater to a large number of passengers who look for shorter travel time between these cities, are forced travel by trains even though they take much longer, must suffer for two nights and one whole day (not to talk about dirt and other inconvenienes), all for just point to point journey between two metros nearly two thousand kilometres apart. Up to now, the only alternative had been to go by air after paying a much higher amount. Duranto Express should fill a great void, and is sure to be well patronised by all.

A great initiative, I must admit. My only fear is that it should not degenerate to the state what the once-popular Geetanjali Express has been reduced to. The railways should resist political pressure and retain its present schedule for time to come.

Incidentally, why a Duranto Express between Calcutta and New Delhi? What does Calcutta -Delhi Durantos have that the Rajdhanis do not?

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