Friday, June 08, 2012

A "small" step for the Rotarians...?

As per the figures published in Rotary News, the regional magazine of Rotary International for India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, in its issue of May 2012, Volume 62, Issue 11 (page 12), as on 31 March 2012 the total number of Rotary members in India stood at 109,718. The total number of members in South Asia stood at 121,223, the “world total” being 1,194,855. Page 4 of this magazine informs us that the current annual subscription for Rotary News is INR.480.0 for India and USD.24.0 for “all other countries”. Incidentally, it is worth noting that subscription to this magazine by every member of a Rotary club is compulsory.
These numbers triggered a few thoughts in my mind. What if the RI issued only electronic versions of its monthly magazine, the Rotary News -  say either through e-mail or by putting the same up on a website? What would the impact of this "small" step be?
A back-of-the-envelope calculations shows that for India, the amount that could perhaps be saved every year would be something to the order of Rs.52,664,640.0. That for the members of the entire South Asia it would be Rs.15.2 million approx. (at Rs.55 per USD).  For the whole (Rotary) world the estimated annual savings could be Rs.1,432.4 million approx. That’s about USD.26 million every year. Add to this the cost of printing, packaging, distribution and labour.
Apart from making better use of this not too insignificant sum, just think of the overall impact on the world environment. If we base our calculation on a ballpark figure of 84 pages per issue, an annual circulation of 1,194,855 copies translates to approximately 1,204,400,000  pages (two sides of a single A-4 sized sheet) consumed every year. If the RI switches to the electronic mode for the issue and circulation of Rotary News, think of the number of trees that can be saved every year through this single step!
Why not take that step right away? Let the benefits accrue from today itself! Any takers?

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